Community Snapshot

Chippewa Falls is a Great Place to Live

Chippewa Falls is a great place to live and build a business for many reasons. We have an excellent school system, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, a diverse business climate that has quality employment opportunities. There is affordable housing and rentals available in Chippewa Falls with the median real estate prices below the national averages. 

The City of Chippewa Falls has a mayorial/city council form of government. All departments, including fire, library, police and public works, and other utilities offer high quality service to the residents of Chippewa Falls. Chippewa Falls is the county seat of Chippewa County, which is rich in recreational resources offering an assortment of activities. The city has a 300 acre community park and a youth sports program that maintains a sports complex near town. Chippewa County has two state parks featuring boating, fishing, hiking, biking and more.

We work together to make Chippewa Falls Great

In Chippewa Falls, you will also find a wide representation of churches and worship places. We have numerous clubs, social service organizations and fraternal groups which offer a broad spectrum of community activities and social life. We work together to continually move our community forward and share a Capital Campaign Calendar with everyone. 

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