January 2024
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The urban dictionary defines ‘keeping it real’ as, “Being true to yourself and your values, but more importantly, being true to innate values that all people acknowledge as respectable.” Other aspects include authenticity, honesty, doing the right thing, genuineness, and fairness. Are these virtues something of the past? If you listen to broadcast journalism, you might start to question it.

Fortunately, Prevail Bank’s foundational principles of reliability, integrity, and doing the right thing are evident in its everyday business practices. In 2023, Prevail Bank donated $200,500 between 74 local nonprofits; another $132,000 supported 200 family events, nonprofit fundraising activities, and youth-based financial education. The Bank also saved 230 trees, 27 barrels of oil, and 55,350 kilowatts of energy in 2023 after it collected and recycled 13.5 tons of paper – the result of organizing nine community shred days.

“I was raised to always leave a place I lived or visited better than I found it,” said David Johns, Chief Retail Officer. “That’s what we do at Prevail Bank. It stems back to our heritage, our sense of ownership, pride, and sustainability for thousands of tomorrows.”

Of course, it takes more than money to make a community better for future generations; it requires people and action as well. Prevail Bank is a strong advocate of community service. It pays (up to eight hours) its full-time hourly employees to volunteer at local nonprofits during the work week. On Juneteenth, it gives all employees the option to use their time and talents not at the office, but rather at selected organizations (homeless shelters, crisis centers, etc.) to complete essential tasks and projects. Over the course of 365 days, 77% of Prevail Bank’s 122 employees gave roughly 2,740 hours of their time (or 342 days of labor) supporting or assisting local youth programming, veterans, seniors, shut-ins, public lakes and streams, and those either in crisis or less fortunate than themselves.

“I am extremely proud of our employee's commitment to support our communities,“ said Nathan Quinnell, Prevail Bank President. “We take pursuing dreams and better futures seriously. The dedication and time our employees spent in 2023 shows that we are making a difference.”

“If you really think about it,” said Johns, “individuals and businesses that have made Prevail Bank their primary financial institution, are supporting the spirit and livelihood of their communities, because Prevail Bank continuously reinvests its dollars, talents, and volunteer time back into those local neighborhoods.”

“I hope the public sees our sincerity and dedication to making our communities better places to live, work, and play,” says Quinnell. “We put our money, time, and talents where our hearts and homes are.”

The public is encouraged to support Prevail’s keeping it real principles by making Prevail Bank their primary financial institution. A secure online technology, called ClickSWITCH can transfer accounts, automatic bill payments, and direct deposits within minutes. It will also initiate the closure of old accounts. For more information, visit www.Prevail.Bank or speak to a Prevail Bank professional, 800-205-0914.

Prevail Bank is a Wisconsin-based full-service community bank with nine branches in Baraboo, Eau Claire, Owen, Medford, Phillips, Wausau, Stevens Point, Marshfield, and Wisconsin Rapids.

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