Healthcare Update


Healthcare Update
It has been just under three months since the announcement of the closure of HSHS St. Joseph, HSHS Sacred Heart, and numerous Prevea locations in Western Wisconsin. Since then, we have intentionally pulled together a small group of individuals consisting of leaders representing the City of Chippewa Falls and Chippewa County, manufacturers, financial institutions, nonprofits, human resources, eldercare, health insurance, and the school district. This work group has met three times to share information and to identify service issues specific to Chippewa Falls and Chippewa County.  Highlighted below are some areas we have concentrated on. Please note, they are not listed in any particular order.

  • Emergency Room Services in Chippewa Falls
    • Advocating for the $15 million state dollars that were previously earmarked for HSHS as a grant to support mental health services to be used to secure additional services for Chippewa Falls/Chippewa County.
  • Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation
    • Advocating that a facility in Chippewa Falls be designated as a CAH. The CAH designation is designed to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and improve access to healthcare by keeping essential services in rural communities. This is accomplished through cost-based Medicare reimbursement.  
  • Re-development of Hospital & Clinic Facilities
    • Working with healthcare providers who are expanding services in the area as well as businesses interested in coming to Chippewa Falls. Services include, but are not limited to: urgent care, adolescent behavioral and mental health, substance abuse, obstetrics, and wound care.
  • Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative and Community Hospital model
    • We are closely monitoring the new nonprofit that is exploring a Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative and Community Hospital.
  • EMS Services throughout Chippewa County
    • Monitor staffing, services and times of services provided
  • Advocating to keep previous dollars fundraised for St. Joseph’s in the Chippewa Falls community
  • Connecting Employers to Health Care Services
    • The Chamber has a list of members in the healthcare industry here. Please contact us if you have specific questions. We will work hard to connect you to the right information
  • Re-employment of displaced employees
    • Support the job fairs and other programs provided by Workforce Resources. If you or anyone you know needs help securing employment, please contact the  Chippewa County Job Center.
  • Chamber staff participating in the HSHS/Prevea Recovery Task Force with the objective of collaborating on regional strategies.

While we have engaged with numerous Chamber and community members since this announcement in late January, we recognize the importance of individual connections. Though it is challenging to reach out personally to each one of you, we welcome your input. Please connect with any of us via email, phone, or in-person as we continue to understand implications of these closures on yourself, your employees, coworkers, and businesses.

At the heart of the Chamber's mission is the unwavering commitment to representing and supporting you. We are here for you, and your perspectives will shape our collective response to these challenges.

Thank you for your continued strength and resilience. We urge you to continue supporting each other in whatever ways you can.

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