Response to HSHS and Prevea Closures


Response to HSHS and Prevea Closures

As we collectively navigate the impact of the closures of HSHS St. Joseph, HSHS Sacred Heart, and numerous Prevea locations in Western Wisconsin, we understand the profound effects this news has on our community, particularly those with family and friends employed by these organizations.

Amidst this challenging time, we have witnessed the outpouring of support from many Chamber members.  Many of you have reached out with kind words, special offers, and gestures to uplift those affected. We commend your resilience and urge you to continue supporting each other in whatever ways you can.

With more than 720 business members encompassing over 19,000 employees, the Chippewa Chamber is working to address this development on multiple fronts.

We have formed a local work group consisting of individuals representing various sectors of the business community to address the multifaceted impact of these closures. We will work to identify service issues, employee displacement and economic realities specific to Chippewa Falls and the surrounding area.  

In addition to our local efforts, we will actively participate in a regional task force composed of representatives from Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, and Menomonie. Through these collaborative discussions, we aim to analyze the broader implications of the closures and formulate strategies that align with the diverse needs of our region.

While we have engaged with numerous Chamber members in recent days, we recognize the importance of individual connections. Though it is challenging to reach out personally to each one of you, we welcome your input. Feel free to connect with any of us via email, phone, or in person as you work through the implications of these closures on yourself, your employees, coworkers, and businesses.

At the heart of the Chamber's mission is the unwavering commitment to representing and supporting you. We are here for you, and your perspectives will shape our collective response to these challenges.

Thank you for your continued strength and resilience.

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