Achieve Health Forms Partnership with Six Employers in the Chippewa Valley


Achieve Health Forms Partnership with Six Employers in the Chippewa Valley
Chippewa Valley - April 22, 2024 - Achieve Health and six Chippewa Valley employers, Cadrex Manufacturing Solutions, Catalytic Combustion Corporation, Citizens State Bank, Great Northern Corporation, Mason Companies, and PESI, are proud to announce their new partnership in an effort to improve healthcare accessibility for employees and their families.

In light of recent and upcoming healthcare closures in the region, these six employers set out not only to find a vendor to replace the services they were offering their employees and families but also to find a trusted ally that would lead their organizations to future value-based healthcare strategies.

"As the availability of primary care decreases in our community, Achieve Health is stepping up to ensure that employers and their employees have access to essential healthcare services," said Cathy Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Achieve Health. "Through our dedicated clinics and programs, we aim to provide convenient and comprehensive healthcare solutions that meet the needs of both employers and their workforce."

The partnership between Achieve Health and these six employers underscores a shared commitment to prioritizing employee health and well-being. By leveraging Achieve Health's expertise and resources, these organizations are taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact of healthcare closures and ensure continuous access to high-quality healthcare services for their employees and their families.

"We are excited about our strategic alliance with these six employers to address the healthcare access challenges facing their employees and the broader community," said Kendall Rosemeyer, General Manager at Achieve Health. "Together, we are empowering employers to take control of their healthcare strategies and prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce."

By investing in proactive healthcare solutions, these organizations aim to enhance employee satisfaction and overall organizational performance.

Achieve Health extends an invitation to additional employers seeking healthcare partnership opportunities at their Chippewa Falls and Altoona locations. For more information on their services please reach out to or call 715-832-9467.

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