Best in Class- First Place Winners


Best in Class- First Place Winners

Best in Class- First Place Winners

Marieke Gouda is an undisputed leader in the world of Gouda, having carved out a reputation for excellence through many years of hard work and dedication. Starting on May 5th in Madison, WI we were able to take home 3 Gold awards and 10 awards total, including a Best in Class in GoudaMature category. We are honored to sit next to some of the oldest producers in the world and come out with such high commendations.

Our 1st place winner, Mature 6-9 month, is our highest award-winning Gouda, as it won Grand Champion in 2013 at the US Cheese Championship. It has consistently placed high in awards and sales. It is a fan favorite across the board and is a beautiful cheese to uphold. 

Marieke® Gouda Plain Mature (6-9 months) is an artisan cheese that has a rich and full flavor profile. Its refined caramel notes finish the Gouda with a subtle bite. Our Mature pairs well with dried cherries and candied pecans, Zinfandel, or spiced rum.


Don't Miss These Awards:

1st place: 

Young 2-4, Mature 6-9, Golden 2-4

2nd Place: 

Honey Clover, Smoked Cumin, Golden 12-18

3rd Place: 

Young 2-4, Holy Trinity, Jalapeno, Golden 2yr+

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